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BEATZ – PureVolume Clone


Beatz – PureVolume Clone

Every musician dreams of becoming a Professional. Though being highly talented, artists may not have an appropriate platform to show case their musical skills. If you are passionate about music and would love to exhibit the talents of various amateur artists in your band to the music world, then Beatz is for you.

What more can be exciting than to have your own personalized website to connect your fans with your music band. While many music bands have being discovered online, it is time for you to create your own site to kick-start your future success as a band.

Cogzidel proudly reinvents the most amazing platform Beatz, a PureVolume clone.

What is Beatz?

Beatz, is an online portal script that helps you to start your own favorite artist band website. It can serve as a platform for music lovers to create and upload albums, songs, videos, and post reviews and comments with unprecedented ease. The core idea of Beatz is to mine the talents in artists and bring out their music aspiration.

PLAYERS involved in Beatz


The Admin is the main player who has the complete authority over the site.

  • Admin has the privileges to:
  • Manage the User details
  • Add or delete new modules
  • Maintain the cron jobs, login details and embedded provider details.
  • Maintain the size of uploaded files
  • Approve new users
  • Create separate spaces for different genres


The artists can upload their works through YouTube, sound cloud, and vimeo. They can post information on any upcoming events of music fests.

Think just uploading is not enough?
The artists can also share their personal blogs, news about the events that will be coming up, and easily find new listener profiles. They can also maintain the profile post details and manage notification setup.


The Listener can listen to music uploads of various artists, on different categories (such as Rock, Jazz, Classical). The Listener community can share, like, and comment on the works uploaded. They can also rate the music, which will boost the artist’s popularity.


  • Easy Registration: Easy Sign In and Sign Up functionality for both Artist and Listener.
  • Open source script – no encryption.
  • Easy installation
  • Ability to set profile background images.
  • Powerful search feature
  • In built Support center

What makes us special:

  • Unlike, our competitors, In Cogzidel Technologies we offer a high end USP(Unique Selling Proposition) for Beatz, with
  • Affordable pricing with Reliability
  • Prompt delivery
  • Excellent support on pre-sales and post sales inquiry
  • Liberty for customers on customization

QR Code for Beatz

Beatz 5

For more information and Offer details, please shoot us an email to support@cogzidel.com or Skype us at cogzidel.

Like us on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/cogzidel
Follow us on Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/cogzideltech

Ring us at US# +1 818-302-8158 / IN# +91 452- 428 2000

General Features

  • Open source script – no encryption
  • Yii frame work technology
  • Easy To install
  • Powerful search feature
  • Customized Profile like Myspace
  • Embed YouTube Videos
  • Sound cloud
  • User can able to post the video and music in  dashboard
  • Powerful search feature
  • Recent Music Releases
  • Top Artist, Listener, and Videos
  • Ability to set profile background images
  • Powerful administration panel
  • Member Status
  • Latest photos
  • Most popular music and Video
  • Can able to Like and comment the video
  • User Follow the Video
  •  Listener  Can post the word press blog in News
  • Notifications displayed the dashboard
  • In built Support center

Listener Account

  • Listener can follow the artist.
  • Listener can maintain their profile  account details
  • Listener can able to like or  comment the artist music
  • Listener can easily find the artist through people search.

Artist Account

  • Artist can upload the you tube ,sound cloud,vimeo.
  • Artist can upload music depends on categories like Rock,Jazz
  • Artist can upload their word press blog details in news page.
  • Artist can easily find the new listener profiles
  • Artist can maintain the profile post details
  • Artist can manage the  notification  setup
Listed below are the requirements

  • Upload_max_filesize = 100M (recommended for video uploads)
  • Safe_mode = Off
  • PHP GD Library: GIF/JPEG Read/Write support
  • PHP GD Library: FreeType support
  • PHP Curl Library: SSL support
  • Mod rewrite
  • Post_max_size = 100M (recommended for video uploads)
  • Operating System: Linux, windows
  • Web Server – Apache
  • Ability to setup cron tasks
  • MySQL 5 and above
  • PHP: version 5 or higher
  • Allow_url_fopen = On
  • File_uploads = On
  • Open_basedir = Off


Listener :

Username : listener

Password : beatzlistener

Artist :

Username : artist

Password : beatzartist


Username: admin

Password: beatz



  1. Guenscher

    hello how I can change the logo and the colors of this script please?

    • Rohini S.P

      Dear Guenscher,
      Thank you for downloading our product.You can approach us at support@cogzidel.com or skype us @ cogzidel or dial us to +1-818-302-8158 for customizing the logo and color of the script.We appreciate your business and we are here to assist you.

      Cogzidel Technologies.

  2. Adelino

    Hola, a día de hoy quisiera saber como puedo realizar las traducciones de los menús principales de ya que he subido paquete de idioma español y traduce todo menos los títulos. He intentado acceder a los archivos con editor y no encuentro los correspondientes a ello. No entiendo mucho de editar. me gustaria usar Betz. Muchas gracias por su atención. P.D, hay ciertos aspectos de menú admin que me gustaría saber como usar.. MANUAL POR FAVOR.

    • Rohini S.P

      Hi Adelino,
      We don’t understand your language.Can you please send your enquiries in English to support@cogzidel.com or you can skype us at cogzidel or call us to +1-818-302-8158.We are pleased to assist you.

      Cogzidel Technologies.

  3. missylektro

    Hello, just had a quick question about the latest beatz software…is there a way to replace the beatz logo at the top left with another unique logo of the same size? thanks ~mL

    • Rohini S.P

      Hi Missylektro,
      Thank you for showing interest with our product.
      Yes we can change by customizing the source code.
      And we charge 20/hour for customization.
      For more details, we request you to mail us to support@cogzidel.com or skype us @cogzidel or dial us +1 818-302-8158.

      Cogzidel Technologies.

  4. DiegL Giraldo

    Hola… muy interesante su aplicativo, pero tengo 2 problemas

    1ra. Al instalarlo desde softaculous instala bien, pero al hacerle cualquier modificación a la configuración y grabar se queda todo ‘Beatz’ en blanco, no se ve nada…

    2ra. Lo descargué he instalé manualmente en http://www.alarte.net/artistas y me salen ‘n’ errores (ver enlace.

    Quiero usarlo pero no veo que esté del todo ‘asentado’, si conocen solucones que pueda mlementar para alguno de los 2 problemas, me gustaría saberlos.



    • Shiva Sankar


      Sospecho que el problema es con la instalación, ya que, si se hace correctamente, entonces va a funcionar 100% seguro. Además, por favor asegúrese de instalar el script en Joomla 1.5

      Si continúa teniendo el mismo problema, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros para la solución adicional.

      • DiegL Giraldo

        Hola…. de la 1ra instalación desistí, da muchos errores… de la instalación automática desde Softaculous instala bien, pero al hacerle cualquier modificación a la configuración y grabar se queda todo en blanco, no se ve nada…

        • Shiva Sankar


          Kindly provide the screen shot for the error and creadentials for the access. since working fine from our side.
          to make changes, remove the installation folder and create a file called configuration.php then replace the content when get after the installation now execute.

          For Instant reply – Please contact us at support@cogzidel.com 🙂 Thank you

  5. Bhanu

    So, When Can We Expect The Newer Version of Beatz?
    And a Few Further Technical Aspect Questions as well,
    Earlier it was Customised Joomla 1.5 so Now Would it be on Joomla 3.x?
    If Yes, i May further take actions to Modify My site and prepare it for the next release

    Truely speaking guys, this script is quiet outdated now and gets into trouble with most of the latest server configurations. please release a newer version As soon as possible 🙂

    Thanks in advance
    also add me to that mailing list which may keep me updated of its release status

    • Ben

      Hi Bhanu

      Good day to you.

      I will have the answers sent to your email address by one of our development team. Once you get the answers, please let me know and we will proceed further. if you have any more doubts, please send in your questions to support@cogzidel.com and we will have one of our experts assist you in any way possible.

      • Bhanu

        Was Expecting Some Reply! Yet, Didn’t Got Anything Really in My inbox There.

        Any Estimations About the Release Progress?

        • Ben

          Hi Bhanu

          Apologies for the trouble. As of now we do not have any idea to work on our Beatz script. But if you are interested in getting that, we could do it specially for you. Send in your requirements and we will have an estiamte sent to you. You can send in your requirements to support@cogzidel.com or to me at ben@cogzidel.com.

          Once again my most humble apologies for the trouble.

          • eric

            why did you tell us that you are working on it on last comments, so it was all lies, i have been waiting for it,

          • Ben

            Hi Eric

            We had and have no intention to lie about what we are working on. Initially we were working on the project and as of now we have set aside Beatz and are focusing on some other important products. But if you are interested, we would love to have a team work on that. Just for you. Please send in your requirements on how you want Beatz to be to support@cogzidel.com and our team of experts will be in touch with you and will take it forward. Thank you.

  6. Shyam

    Nice script and template. I like the template. Let me know its cost. Please mail me the details of the script, template and the support costs. Thanq

    • Ben

      Hi Shyam

      This is Ben, Marketing Head, Cogzidel

      The Beatz script is free of cost. We do not charge anything for the script. However, if you need to remove the Cogzidel brand, it would cost $100 and if you need a unique theme it would cost $499.

      Please let me know if you are interested and I will be happy to assist you further.

  7. Nick

    Will the Beatz script ever be mobile friendly? When will the next version be out? Thanks alot! Great scripts you have!

    • Ben

      Hi Nick

      Hope you are doing good. Beatz, at present is not mobile friendly. But if you want it, we can develop it exclusively for you. As for the new version release, it would be in a couple of months.

      Thanks for the positive feedback. If you need anything, please email me at ben@cogzidel.com.

      Have a nice day!!

  8. Xolile

    Hi there, does this project use encrypted php files or is 100% open source i.e. we are free to change all aspect of the application?

    • Ben


      This is Ben, Marketing Head, Cogzidel. Hope you are doing fine. Yes, the script is 100% and you are free to make any kind of changes to the script. If you are not comfortable to make changes, we can do it for you from our end. If you need any help, please send an email to support@cogzidel.com and we will assist you accordingly.

  9. Ed Cowan

    I would love to be added to the mailing list of the new script as well

    • Ben

      Hi Ed

      Hope you are doing great!!

      I have added you in the mailing list. Any updates we will be releasing from now on, will reach you.

  10. Rene

    Hi there, i love the template and the scripting, i just nee to know is the a way to change the top beatz logo to my company logo. i cant seem to figure it out

    • Ben

      Hi Haramis

      We can change the logo for you in Beatz. That would take 15 business hours. We offer our services at $15 per hour. Please let me know if you are interested and we can proceed further.

      • Chris

        15 hours to change a logo? Come on guys.

        • Ben

          Hi Chris

          The timeframe might have been given for a custom logo design and not just to change the logo. If you want just to change a logo, we can do it in an hour.

        • Ben


          May I know the exact issue you are referring to?

  11. Dave

    Sorry for the rather late reply, but thank you for adding me to the update email list

  12. peter

    this would be a great template if all the video functions were deleted and the core was used for mp3 audio

  13. Dave

    Just want to ask if Beatz has or ever will be updated from rc1?

    • Ben

      Hi Dave

      This is Ben from Cogzidel.

      I am sorry to inform that we are not currently working on any updates for Beatz; but soon will be starting to release a new version with a new look and feel. I will let you know when we do it. I have noted down your email address – daverave29@gmail.com.

      Have a nice day

      • CJ Wood

        I would appreciate if you can add me to the e-mail list as well. Hopefully with the new version it doesn’t come with all the artist pages pre-loaded so it is easier to get started. Looking forward to the update.

        • Ben

          Hi CJ

          We are working on the script and will soon be releasing a new version with further updates. I will let you know once we do it.

          • CJ Wood

            Excellent! Thank you for your prompt response! Is there any way to easily remove the default content from the Beatz installation?

          • Toby Showering

            Hi Ben. Could you also add me to the mailing list and notify me of any upcoming updates. Thanks so much

          • Ben

            Hi Toby, Ben here. Yes, I have added your email address in our mailing list. If you want to get some features updated just for you, please let me know and I can work with my team here and provide you that.

          • Uzair

            Hey Ben,

            Can you also add me to the mailing list?
            And is there any update to when you are going to release the new version?


          • Ben

            Hi Uzair

            I have added you in the mailing list and when the next release is out, you will be notified.

  14. Ben


    Thanks for your feedback. Will pass on this to my design team and will do the needful 🙂

  15. Ben

    Thanks for the feedback. Will continue to do so!!



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