G5 (G-Five) Launches Tablet PC

May 26, 2011

You people can see the vast improvement in technology nowadays both in Computer and Mobile as everything becomes compact now and keep them to hold in a single hand and pocket itself. The world’s most prominent Mobile phone corporation G5 introduces small computer named “Tablet PC” in the IT Market. They promised that though lot of products like Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Chromebook in the competition list, G5 proudly announcing Tablet PC in the market due to its unique feature and multi-infrastructure facility. Also, hopefully saying that it will be a number one product in the IT market in near future.

G5 launches Tablet PC

G5 launches Tablet PC

People always do switching to the latest products whenever a new one arrived in the market if they have amazing features, latest facility, easy maintenance and handling, free servicing, etc. G5’s cool featured Tablet PC comes with Google Android OS will be available to the Indian IT market soon at an affordable rate of just INR 10,000.

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