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Wonderful environment to work and develop our knowledge. Cogzidel give me a very good opportunity to improve myself. And also my turning point in my life starts out here. Happy to work here and very very proud to be a COGZIAN. Really it teaches me alot.


Good place to gain more knowledge and I felt satisfied with Cogzidel.


Fortune Favours the brave ..Then, now we Cogzians are brave enough to neglect the favour…. “COGZIDEL” on FIRE…………Time to Show……..


Good place to work!!!!!!!!

Vaigunda Anand

Feeling happy to be one of the employees of Cogzidel. Platform for learning unknown and experts of known.
Love cogzidel 🙂 🙂


Cogzidel provide a good services and product to the customers


Cogzidel gives quality products and good customer support. It definitely deserves 5 stars


Good opportunity place for freshers..!
Learn lot of thing in shorten period..!
♥ Be proud to be a Cogzian..! ♥


Organization with better management peoples and running decently in Madurai for the past 7 years. I have been serving in Cogzidel around one year and found that everyday my bench mark is getting increased.
Providing opportunity for new comers is being the best practice in Cogzidel.


In my experience with Cogzidel Technologies its really a good self learning environment for Freshers to learn and prove their skills they are giving the great and easy opportunities for the freshers to be their employee’s.

Siva Sabari

Good IT Company in Madurai-India. Here, they are making best IT products with good services. I would like to tell some products name: DropInn( Airbnb Clone), Facile Check out(Magento), Beatz(Pure volume Clone)… etc. Eventually, to better shop for IT products.


Great environment to work here and Many opportunities to be promoted within and recognized for your hard work and achievements.Cogzidel give me a very good opportunities to work here and lot of technologies known from here.


Cogzidel is a young and vibrant company. Where we have both smart work and hard work. It gives responsible to everyone growth.

Arun Raj

Cogzidel technoloy is a very good company,which gives a high customer satification.”cogzidel technology” is comparably different from other companies

Aruna Priya

Can gain more knowledge. Fully air conditioner. Only knowledge person can shine in Cogzidel.


Always ready to support and statisfy both the customer as well as the employees.


Cogzidel is excellent company for fresher employee. Get more knowledge quickly. Non-IT students also best chance for career opportunity.


Cogzidel Technologies are nice place and we can develop our skills more.


Experiencing the highly modernized environment with skillful colleagues. Proud to be a part of Cogzidel Technologies.