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iOS 7 – Are your apps iOS 7 friendly?


From the beginning…

Man is always in the look out for change and hopping from bottom to top and take a chance to improve what he has been doing through all ages.

Apple has recently introduced their recent and most cutting edge OS for all devices of the iOS platform – the iOS 7. The big question is now in all Apple users is “Am I iOS 7 ready?” or “Are my app iOS friendly?”

We at Cogzidel can unveil the fog and bring them to the limelight. We have an excellent team of iOS app testers who, in a jiffy will test your apps and let you know if your apps are iOS friendly or not.

If not, no worries. We can transform your apps to match the newcomer, iOS7. Our hand picked group of elite team of iOS app developers will work their magic on your apps and will make sure that the apps you have are iOS7 compatible.

Be ahead and be with the best to beat the rest!!

Frame an email to support@cogzidel.com or Skype us at ‘cogzidel’ and we will get in touch with you!!


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