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Testing plays a major role in the success of a software, Web or Mobile. We have a dedicated Software testing team to ensure that your software is a quality product when it reaches the customer market.
Our testing services team is highly skilled and has the expertise to handle various testing tools. Our effective testing process will help you to avoid bottle necks and quickly address the issues, which you may face in the future.

Cogzidel’s aim is to steer you ahead in the right direction and ensure enhanced performance by avoiding potential failures. We follow the Agile methodology where, both development and testing happens in parallel, to ensure delivery of bug free product.

Here, we provide you the list of testing services we offer:

  • Usability testing
  • Functional testing
  • UI testing
  • Security testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Ad-hoc Testing

Usability Testing

Usability testing is the most critical and basic measure that determines the success of your application. Therefore, we help you identify and expose the problems your end users would encounter in real life transactions. Our team performs the test to gather information on the following:

Will the user be able to complete the task within a reasonable time?
Can the user understand the procedure involved in completing the task?
Are the users satisfied with the products? Will they feel positive about the application?
How useful is the product to the customer? Read More..


Functional Testing

Functionality test is performed to determine the behavior of your application against your business requirements. It is important for us to ensure that your application is ready to be released to the end users with all the functional requirements incorporated.

Our testing team determines the purpose of Functional testing and then implements the functional test by creating a testing plan. Read More..


UI Testing

While it is important for your developers to offer perfectly working applications, your end users may consider a responsive, consistent, attractive, and well organized interface that involves less or no complexity.

Therefore, for your ends users to enjoy a pleasant working experience with your app, we perform UI testing, with consistency, compatibility, usability, and accessibility as our parameters. We test your application rigorously with end-to-end key business scenarios, thus ensuring that your app is a useful product in the hands of your end users. Read More..


Security Testing

Failure recovery is the most essential part of security engineering, though it is often neglected. The more the data is stored on the web, the more is the transaction, which calls for utmost security of the application.

Keeping this in mind, we perform Security Testing to ensure that we discover all the vulnerabilities that may increase risks. Our comprehensive testing program helps to eliminate the potential threats and verify various security issues and week spots in your app, such as data leakage, access violation, unauthorized network connection, unsafe data flow, and so on. Read More..


 Performance Testing

Performance testing is a process to ensure quality, speed, stability, and responsiveness of a software, under various simulated conditions. There are different types of test available under the umbrella of Performance testing. Please continue to read to understand the service and how it can benefit you. Read More..


Compatibility Testing

We perform Compatibility test to ensure that your application is capable of working in various other environment, operating system, or other hardware devices. Our Testers determine the overall functioning of the system with the application. Your in-house testing team may not be able to expose all the problems related to installing and running the software. So, consider outsourcing Compatibility testing to us and avoid major pitfalls that may be difficult to repair in future. Read More..

 Ad-hoc Testing 

When our customers have limited or no time for an elaborate testing, our Testing team performs an informal testing of their application. This test is done without a detailed plan of action, documentation or test case design.  And, it can be performed anytime during the development cycle.  Read More..