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Magento One step Checkout – Shop @ at a single stop

Losing customers because of an elaborate shopping cart? Having a dragging business or tiring checkout path for your online portal?

How about an express checkout for the online shopping portals you have and get zipped by so fast that you never knew that you were shopping online.

The current shopping sites will have a queue of pages that you need to traverse to get to the shopping cart. This will result in 2 things

  • The customer will feel it tiresome to get through all the pages to the shopping cart

  • If there is a connectivity issue then the user has to re do all the pages

  • This will make some customers frustrated and will leave the business

To avoid this, why not have all the forms in a single page and have the customer fill it in a single sweep? But where would we have such an awesome app?

Going to develop one on your own? Here are the obvious steps that you would be following to create one:

  •     Design the plan as how the site should be
  •     Look out and hire the needed people to do it
  •     Design the prototype for the final product
  •     Make any changes to it if you do not like the prototype
  •     Then make the changes to it.
  •     Finally come to the desired product

Or you can just swing by our site and purchase the best script that we have and get down to business.

This is where we introduce our One Step Checkout –  a single stop to all shopping cart problems.

Magento’s One step Checkout will integrate a single page where all the user’s forms for the shopping will be filled up and the checkout done.

How it works?

Instead of having multiple pages to get the shoppers details, our One step checkout will have a single complete form to gather all the needed information to complete the shopping. Upon integrating it in your site, the user will be able to check out faster. Faster transaction will lead to more added business

QR Code for Facile OSC

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For more information and Offer details, please shoot us an email to support@cogzidel.com or Skype us at cogzidel.

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Ring us at US# +1 818-302-8158 / IN# +91 452- 428 2000


Email : Magentocheckout@gmail.com

Password : checkout

Increased Sales

Cogzidels Facile One Step Checkout for Magento will lead to increase in the sales conversions.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

By increasing the easy of checkout, your customer can complete the checkout effortlessly which will increase your online profits.

Simplified check-out process

Remove the unnecessary questions that extends cart checkout process & made it simple & easy.

Seamless Discount

Offer seamless discount to your loyal customers!!

Supported Payment Gateways

PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net & all payment gateways supported by Magento.


Fully optimized for all browsers & mobile devices using progressive enhancement with graceful fallback. It’s pixel perfect!. Please check with the mobile compatibility.

The tabs are cross-browser, but don’t need a ton of hacky CSS or markup.

  • Change the Checkout Title
  • Change the Checkout Description
  • Improved validations
  • GeoIP to automatically detect and fill out the customer’s country and city
  • Enable Giftwrap, Set Price with Description
  • Review your order with Product Image,Title & Quantity in Checkout page
  • Create an account while purchase an order(checkout page)
  • Enable Terms & Conditions

Following are the Hosting Requirements

  • Operating System – Linux
  • Web Server – Apache
  • Database – MySQL 5 and above
  • PHP – Version 5 and above
  • Ability to setup cron tasks
  • Magento version 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and
  • For More System Requirements

Features Matrix


Get this extension now and reduce the chances of missing the potential customers during checkout progress. OSC is compatible with Magento version of 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7

  • Total One – Time price – $0
  • 100 % Source Code
  • Support & Updates – 1 Year
  • Support & Updates renewal – $149/3 months
  • Checkout on a Single page
  • Modify the fields such as Fax, Phone #, Company, City and etc
  • Set a default shipping and payment method
  • Ajaxified shipping rates when user chooses country, zip code or region
  • Compatible with Magento Enterprise
  • Auto-detect users country and city with GeoIP technology
  • Use on multiple domains
  • Ability to enable or disable “Gift Wrapper” for users
  • Apply coupon code
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Enable/ Disable guest user to checkout the product
  • Update or delete the quantity in checkout page



  1. Nice One but After order is placed successfully cart is not empty.please Check it

    • Hi Balachandran,
      I’m really sorry to hear that. We need to investigate on this issue to get clarity. Please provide the below information,
      1. Magento version which you are using
      2. Website URL
      3. Screenshots which denotes the error
      Awaiting your reply.
      P.S. For instant reply, please contact us at support@cogzidel.com or Skype us at cogzidel

      Cogzidel Technologies.

  2. Hi, thank for your work!
    It looks great on screenshots, but I can’t get it running on 1.9.1.
    Do you have version for 1.9.1?

    • Dear Bodge,
      we have version for
      Please visit our website http://www.cogzidel.com.
      For further clarification,feel free to communicate with us through Skype @cogzidel or dial us on +1-818-302-8158.

      Cogzidel Technologies

  3. hello,

    your extension work with the pay u payment method?

    • Hi Mayur,
      Thank you for enquiring us.
      Our Extension works with pay pal or braintree payment method.
      Feel free to communicate with us through Skype @cogzidel or dial us on +1-818-302-8158.

      Cogzidel Technologies.

  4. Can I remove shipping methods and set a rule for free shipping under a minimum purchase. If the purchase doesn’t meet the threshold it will popup and add extra shipping fee in cart. If it does, nothing changes. Let me know if this can be done, thanks in advance

    • Hi Krishna,

      Thank you for your interest with cogzidel technologies.
      We have forwarded your requirements to our Experts.
      After analysis, our Business analyst will contact you shortly.
      We appreciate your business and will do everything to serve your needs.

      Cogzidel Technologies.

  5. This checkout looks great. Will it work with 1.9CE?

    • Hi Richard,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      At present , it is not compatible with 1.9CE.
      But we are working on it and will get back to you within couple of weeks .

      For further assistance, we request you to mail us at support@cogzidel.com or dial us to +1-818-302-8158 or Skype us at cogzidel.

      Cogzidel Technologies.

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