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iPhone App Development

iPhone App Development

What is iPhone App Development ?

iPhone App development is the process of creating and designing apps for iPhone.

Why Cogzidel?

Cogzidel prides in itself for having one of the most developed team for iPhone app development. We design and create apps for even the latest version on iPhones, which is iOS 6 and even the BETA version of iOS 7.

Cogzidel has an excellent team that is very poised and good at developing apps for the iOS platform. We have seasoned players to guide our new players who are the backbone of our team and they make sure that the iPhone development team stays that way always and always bring out the best in an app. This also has Phonegap as the major player in development and we test our developed apps using current iPhone devices and not on simulators

Advantages of having your apps in iPhone

  1. You feel a premium experience if you have your apps in the Apple iTune store

  2. All your apps will be charged and that will generate revenue when customers download the app from the store

  3. Great synchronization feature for all your apps.

  4. Good integration with all other iOS devices

  5. Access to business content

  6. Better engagement and advertising

Disadvantages of having your app in Apple store

  1. If not updated regularly, your app will be rejected and removed from the iTunes store

  2. Even if there is a tiny bug, the app will not / cannot be posted in the iTune store

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