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API Integration Services

API Integration Services

What is API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of protocols or tools that facilitates communication between two different components in the system.  The communication can either happen between two software components (communication among databases) or between a hardware and a software component (the hard drive and any video or audio card installed in the system).

<<Application Programming Interface, API, the tells the software components as to how they should communicate with each others and be in harmony. They have access to both software including all databases and the hardware parts of the system like the hard drive and any video or audio cards installed in the system.>>

Web APIs

Web APIs are set of  HTTP protocols or request messages used alongside with XML. Web APIs allow the combination of multiple APIs into new applications known as mashups

Advantages of using Web API:

  • Photos can be shared from sites like Flickr and Photobucket to social network sites like Facebook and MySpace.

  • Content can be embedded. For e.g. you can embed a presentation from SlideShare on a LinkedIn profile.

  • Content can be dynamically posted.

  • Video content can be embedded on sites served by another host.

  • User information can be shared from web communities to outside applications, delivering new functionality to the web community that shares its user data via an open API.

  • If content is a direct representation of the physical world (e.g., temperature at a geospatial location on earth) then an API can be considered an “Environmental Programming Interface” (EPI). EPIs are characterized by their ability to provide a means for universally sequencing events sufficient to utilize real-world data for decision making.

Now that you have a clear understanding of APIs and their advantages, you would wish to take advantage of integrating APIs into your projects.

We are here to help you.

At Cogzidel, we have experienced professionals who are proficient in handling integration of APIs in customer’s projects. The team is qualified to handle complex APIs and configurations.

Use our expertise to know us better!!!

Why Cogzidel?

The reasons why you need to choose us for integrating your APIs are:

1) We have rich experience in the integration of APIs  for FB & Twitter connect, Payment gateways, Instagram API, and much more.

2) We are proficient in creating and integrating APIs for our customer.

3) We are well aware of the latest trends in API management and implementation.


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