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Apple iTunes App Listing


Apple iTunes App Listing

What is Apple iTunes App Listing?

iPhone Application List is a list where iPhone apps, iPod touch apps, iPad apps, iPhone app are gathered in one place.

It is where you can access everything related to Apple in a single page and you need to go beyond that for any of your Apple related devices.

Why Cogzidel?

We develop apps for iPhone and iPads and we also help you get your apps in the iTunes store for a nominal rate. Once we have developed the app for your iOS device we will post the ‘ipa’ file, which is the executable file for iOS devices to the iTunes store. This will save you much time and your customers will be able to get hold of the app directly from the store and pay for it.

Our development team themselves will post the app to the store and once done will inform you.

Advantages of having apps in iTunes

Here are some advantages of iPhone apps

  1. Multi-finger gestures

  2. Movement and orientation

  3. Split views and unique keyboards

  4. Internet access

  5. Consistent system environment

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