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Bamboo Configuration

Bamboo Configuration

Bamboo is a continuous integration server from Atlassian, the makers of JIRA, Confluence and Crowd. It is free for philanthropic and open-source projects. Commercial organizations are charged based on the number of build agents needed. Academic organizations receive a 50% discount on licensing costs under Atlassian’s academic licensing program.

Bamboo supports builds in any programming language using any build tool, including Ant, Maven, and any command line tools. Build notifications can be customized based on the type of event, and received via email, instant message, RSS, or pop-up windows in Eclipse-based IDEs and IntelliJ IDEA.

Features of Bamboo:

Easy Onboarding – painless installation process, helpful quick-start guide, simple build configuration, and seamless integration with JIRA

Easy Configuration – compatible with all major build engines and version control systems, and is completely language-neutral.

Build Triggers- Auto start builds in Bamboo with commit-triggers, schedules, or dependency-triggers.

Build Dependencies – Pass dependencies between compilation, testing and deployment stages using Artifact Sharing

Queue Management – Manage how your builds run the way you want them to.

Build Automation– Use popular tools like Ant, Maven, Make, Command Line Tools, MSBuild, and Devenv to automate your builds and practice Continuous Integration the right way.

And many more!!

To get the best out of it, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible

Why Cogzidel?

Why do you need Cogzidel to configure your Bamboo setup? Well, here are the reasons

1) We are experts -we are well versed in what we do and are good in what we advertise.

2) We are using it – we have been using this since we incorporated and have a good experience with Bamboo and so we recommend that others too use it

3) We have dedicated expert for this – we have a special team of Bamboo experts who will be handling all our clients installations

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