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Blackberry Mobile App Development

Blackberry Mobile App Development

Blackberry Mobile App Development

What is Blackberry Mobile App Development?

It is to create and design apps for any device that runs on the Blackberry OS, the latest being 10.Blackberry app development uses Cordova to create apps for blackberry. They are part of the Phonegap tool and are well adapted to make the apps needed.

Even though Blackberrys were a thing of the past, they still hold the charm for some of the business elites. Some still feel that having a blackberry is having a power on your own.Well we seem to like those kind of thinking and we are developing apps for those groups.

This also is created via Phonegap and has responsive UI as a part of the pack. We also help you in upgrading from any early versions to the latest ones.

Even though it is not as popular as its brothers Android, iOS and Windows, Blackberry thrives in the hands of those who still believe that having a blackberry in their hands is having a sceptre!!!

Advantages of Blackberry App Development

Here are the advantages of developing apps in Blackberry

  1. Supports multi platform like JAVA, MDS, J2ME.
  2. Ability to mesh with other platforms and apps.
  3. Can synchronize data on their devices with their computer systems.
  4. Access to optimized and integrated apps developed using Blackberry tools, as also from other sources such as Adobe Flash and Adobe Air, HTML5 and JavaScript.
  5. Blackberry web-works platform amply supports modern web frameworks such as Dojo, JQuery, PhoneGap and Sencha.

Be a part of a revolution that is spreading like a wildfire with the latest trends in Blackberry app development!!

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