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Dolphin Development

Dolphin Development

What is Dolphin?

Dolphin is a CMS tool that is used to create awesome social networking sites which includes dating sites, community websites and many other popular social networking sites. This is a popular CMS platform which has been used and is being used globally to create and design many innovative and successful sites

It was developed by Boonex, an Australian firm and is in the market for over 12 years. Now this proves how successful it is. The platform is developed using PHP and MySQL which are popular and widely used tools in creating websites

Why Cogzidel?

We at Cogzidel are proud to have worked with Dolphin and we have a good and experienced team who are proficient in developing your sites with Dolphin. The services we offer for our clients in Dolphin are as follows

  1. Version Upgrade – We keep you regularly updated with the recent versions of Dolphin. Be with us to get the best
  2. Existing Module Customization – Bring us your modules and we will re tweak them for you and will fit you better
  3. 3rd party Module Installation – See a module you like in a external online store? We can install them for you
  4. Dolphin Setup Installation – New to Boonex Dolphin ? Fear not. We will do the installation for you as we have a great team on standby for you
  5. SEO – Need to be popular? Our team of handpicked SEO guys will make you reach anywhere anytime!!!
  6. Server Migration – Everyone hates the idea of moving. Server migration is no exception. Worry not as we can do it for you while you sit back and relax
  7. Custom Themes – Getting bored with the themes you see in the boonex store? Got any idea on your own? Bring it to us and we will design it for you
  8. 3rd Party Module Customization – We are also skilled in making changes to modules that you have got from any of the external or other parties
  9. Custom Modules –  We all love custom work. Have to make any changes to the modules you have at hand? Bring it on and we can work it out for ya’ll

Why Dolphin?

Here are few reasons as why we recommend Dolphin over other CMS tools:

  1.  Unparalleled Functionality –  With 36 included modules and over 2000 incredible features Dolphin is the most capable community software. Period
  2. Natively Mobile – Dolphin comes with native iPhone, iPad and Android apps that you can re-brand, extend and be proud of
  3. Complete Control – You reap the benefits of the site that you host, own and control. Dolphin Admin just helps to do it with ease
  4. Unlimited Potential – With thousands of extensions, languages and templates from BoonEx Market Dolphin knows no bounds
  5. Timeless Trial – Using a Trial copy of Dolphin doesn’t require any license. Trial copy has full functionality and is not time-limited. The only requirement is to display BoonEx “powered by” links and banners on the site. Updating from Trial copy to fully licensed copy doesn’t require re-installation.

Sites created by Cogzidel using Dolphin:

Here are some sample sites, we created using Dolphin

  1. http://www.ghoomti.com/
  2. http://youareaceo.com/
  3. http://www.golflinked.co/
  4. http://healthcarecore.com/
  5. http://www.blackwomenart.org/
  6. http://steppinouttonight.com/new/splash.php

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