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Hire Dedicated Professionals


As a company we are known for putting the satisfaction of our customers first; we have customers who come back to us for consecutive projects or for maintenance contracts. To maintain the interest of the our repeat customers we have come with this Hire Dedicated Professionals theme.

Under this billing method we offer our professionals who dedicatedly work on clients’ projects for a fixed frequency. Hire Dedicated Professionals service is offered for all the services we offer.

  • Dedicated Professionals Directly report to the Client
  • Monthly Performance Review would be done by client & our BDE
  • Dedicated Professionals work on Clients Local holidays
  • Cogzidel has 24/7 power availability. That means we don’t have any blackout
  • Cogzidel has 2 MBPS dedicated Internet access offered by Bharti Airtel and 1 MBPS shared Internet access offered by BSNL. Both are top 2 ISP in India. That means we offer 99.9% up time
  • Clearly Specified Leave policy
  • In case of any attrition we can offer a replacement immediately to within 7 business days… As 10% of our staff are kept on bench & are quickly available for replacement
  • Our pricing is fixed based on the service and experience of the professional.Please contact our Business Development team to know more about this service.

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