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JIRA On-demand Hosting Services

JIRA On-demand Hosting Services

What is JIRA On-demand Hosting Services?

JIRA On-demand Hosting Services is nothing but hosting JIRA in the default hosting server –  Atlassian.

This can be done either from the customer’s end on their own or if they are not familiar with that , we can do that from our end for them. This will host JIRA in the Atlassian web server and they ill have complete control and service from the same. Atlassian will take control of the client’s JIRA and will manage it.

Having JIRA will make all your reporting and task metric work simpler and easier to manage. Also it will give a sense as where we are in a particular task and how long it would take and who is assigned to the task.

Why Cogzidel ?

Cogzidel has the best team that will help you in hosting your app or your script to the server. JIRA is the best and we are happy that we are using the best to serve the best customers in the world. Get added in JIRA and experience a world class service from one of the leading experts in JIRA On Demand Hosting.

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