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MongoDB Deployment

MongoDB Deployment

What is MongoDB Deployment?

MongoDB deployment is the process of installing the database in the server if there are huge amount of data to be crunched. This will be useful for firms which have a very large client base and they want to further widen them up.

Why Cogzidel?

The reason to choose us to configure MongoDB as your database for your project is that, our top management have around 13+ years of experience in MongoDB and are zens in that area. Any troubleshooting or any issues, we have a taskforce to take care of it.

Be it data migration of your data from a sequential DB to MongoDB or setting up a new one, we are proficient in that and will do a clean job with our elite team. Also our CTO pitches in if we are stuck somewhere (which happens rarely, as our team is highly skilled!!)

Why MongoDB?

  • Lightening fast.

  • Auto sharding.

  • Replication is very easy.

  • You can perform rich queries, can create on the fly indexes with a single command.

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