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Social Engine Development

Social Engine Development :

What is Social Engine Development?

A search engine is a software used to search for content in the world wide web for any content that the user is looking for.

What is Search Engine Development?

Search Engine Development is the process of creating or developing a search engine from scratch or from an idea that the client gives the developing team to work on with.

Properties of a Search engine:

The main features of any good search engine are as follows

  1. Un edited – anyone should be able to enter data in it and look up things that they are looking for. The data should be authentic and not spammed.

  2. Varied information types – People do not like to spend much time to look out for content in the search engine and are always looking for things which makes things simpler. So make sure that the search result of the Search engine. Data that can be found in Phone directories, brochures, catalogs, etc have to be displayed.

  3. Suitable for all kind of users –  Since the web is a playground for all kinds of users, the search result will have to satisfy all of them with diverse kind of search results.

  4. Huge data management – Everyday millions of people will search and rummage through billions of pages. That has to be maintained expertly using the search engine.

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