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Facebook Page Creation, Engagement & Promotion

Facebook Page Creation, Engagement & Promotion:

As the name suggests, we do all the above three.

Recent days everyone wants to have a social presence. It is the new way to get ventured into deeper waters in the social world. Enter Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media sites. Facebook, being the most popular is the wonderkid to all small and mid-sized companies.

Facebook page creation:

Facebook page creation involves the task of creating a separate page for yourself.This will be main point of contact to all those who wants to know about you or your firm This will have a logo, name of your project, number of members in it and those who have liked the page

Then it will have the posts that you have posted in the page. Posts might be textual, images or even videos. They will be related to what or who you are, what you do, etc

Facebook Page Engagement:

Engagement relates to responding to customers comments, any questions that are posted in the posts that have been posted. Make the engagement lively and at the earliest. You do not want to say Good evening to a Good morning post :P.

Engagement should be in such a manner that it should not be too formal, which makes the user bored or too casual, which puts you in a bad light. Have a light moment now and then. Should be on par with the topic at hand.

Facebook Page Promotion:

Having a page and engaging it alone will not help in any way to sky-rocket your business. You need to make the world know about your page. Promote it. Promotion of the page will depend on the number of likes and shares that you get for the whole page and for the individual posts that you have posted in that page.SEO activities also promote a page.

The popularity of the page will depend on the range of promotion that page has.

Cogzidel Methodologies:

Cogzidel uses Facebook for various purposes among which marketing and customer attraction ranks the top. We have separate pages in Facebook for both 3 main categories

The Cogzidel HR page is as per the name is. We maintain this page to market our hiring activities and to post articles about interview tips and interview based technical and non-technical questions and we help the aspiring candidates to get what they need.

The Cogzidel Technologies page mainly focuses on the current and recent trends in all and any technical stuff that happens around the globe. This will allow users of our page to keep themselves abreast of all happenings in the technology world.

The iMadurai page is more of a self explaining page of the wonderful city that we are based on. It will carry pictures, old memories, recipes of the beautiful city that we live in.

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