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Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM

What is Sugar CRM?

SugarCRM is a software firm in Cupertino, California. It develops the web application Sugar, known as SugarCRM, which is a CRM tool system that can be got as both open source and Commercial open source application.

The functional components of Sugar comprises of

  1. Sales-force automation

  2. aCustomer support

  3. Collaboration

  4. Mobile CRM

  5. Social CRM and reporting.

The company has many branches which includes a  commercial website Sugarcrm.com, their development website (SugarForge.org), Sugar Exchange (for third-party extensions).

Advantages of Sugar CRM

These are the list of advantages that SugarCRM will bring to your CRM

  • Deployment options are much flexible and user friendly

  • High level of customization

  • Architecture is of modular and can be expanded

  • Many  modules readily available for added functionality.

  • Outlook plugin – Export mails to CRM, Document management – Full document management functionality based on KnowledgeTree DMS.

  • Integrated reporting engine

  • Status of employee’s presence

  • Import POP/IMAP emails into sugar

  • Application for rich interface and off line usage.

  • Standalone Desktop reporting.

  • Can be deployed in a separate new OS

  • Platform independent

  • Individual templates for personalization.

  • Authentication against any LDAP compliant directory.(Active directory, OpenLDAP etc.)Sugar

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