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Release Dates


6th Aug, 2015
Ion – Cube Loader Update to 5.6.8 version, Bug fixing 


29th July, 2015
Implemented Invite friends, Bug fixing


22nd July, 2015
Improve iCal functionality, Implement search option, Bug fixing 


15th July, 2015
Implemented Color plug-in, Bug fixing


8th July, 2015
Bug fixing


1st July, 2015
Google Analytics, Bug fixing


24th June, 2015
Bug fixing


17th June, 2015
Bug fixing


10th June, 2015
Responsive Design, Bug fixing 


3rd June, 2015
Implemented Cancel My Account option, Drag & Drop Plugin, Favi icon Plugin, Wish list Count Plugin, Spam Listing Plugin, Bug fixing


27th May, 2015
Implemented Ad Plugin, ID Verification Plugin, Star Review Rating, Discount Label in Search page & Book it page, Advertisement Popup Plugin 




What is DropInn?


Wish to own a Rental business that not only yields great profits to you but helps your agents build their business?

Are you still looking for the best way to promote your Rental business?

We heard You! DropInn is just for You.

DropInn  – An Airbnb Clone, is a ready-to-use rental system, designed exclusively for entrepreneurs like you, who wish to create an online portal for Rental business. It is a simple e-portal script that completely automates your rental business and bring yours hosts and guests together, much easier.

DropInn is a 100% fully customizable code and it offers you the flexibility to modify the code based on your unique business needs. This rental system can be used for various other verticals, such as  cars, bikes, yachts, books, videos, tools, and much more.


How DropInn works?

Admin –
The Admin is the big player. The Admin sets the site and has the complete authority over the site. The Admin decides on granting permission to the users and other tasks such as, setting up commission limits and rental modes (daily, weekly, monthly, or customized.)

Host – Are those who rent their accommodation or any rent-able items. They can manage their listing easily.

Guest – Are those who make the bookings. They can make any number of booking and can communicate with the host.

DropInn will be the platform for various hosts to list their spaces and other rental products. Once a host signs up, they can have their listing posted in the site. The guests and users are also required to sign up to use the services provided by the rental site. The host will receive the rental money after a certain percentage of commission is deducted. And, the Admin is responsible for the overall functionality of the Web site. The Admin realizes money in 2 ways – Commission Fee from each transaction made and Premium Listings.


Google Analytics

Improved Neighborhood

Improved Search Page Design

Advertising Popup

How you will be benefited?

DropInn is evolved as a platform for all rental needs. Though it is an Airbnb clone script, DropInn can absolutely be tailored to your requirements. DropInn not only enables you to work faster, but smarter and better too. 

DropInn is easy to install and maintain. Absolutely no technical expertise required to get started with your website. Prompt upgrades from our company keeps you on the edge of the rental business. DropInn now comes with more exciting and cool plugins.


Change the way you operate your rental business with our new add-on plugins.

  1. Mobile Verification Plugin – comes with SMS verification functionality, which helps secure your website from any Spam users.
  2. ID Verification Plugin – eliminates the overhead of confirming the user’s identity. The plugin enables your Admin to verify the identify and authenticate your hosts and guests.
  3. Braintree Plugin – is a payment gateway, designed for credit card transactions. The Plugin helps to keep the money transaction between your hosts and guests as simple and reliable.
  4. Video Grabber Plugin – provides the facility to post a video of the space rented by the host.
  5. Pop up Advertiser Plugin – enables you to display pop ups for offers, news, or any other announcements you want to make to your end user.
  6. Discount Labels Plugin – helps you to display the discounts available for a listing.




Hosting Requirement


  • Operating System – Linux
  • Web Server – Apache
  • Database – MySQL 5 and above
  • Static IP
  • PHP – Version 5.3 and above
  • Ability to setup cron tasks
  • allow_url_fopen = On
  • file_uploads = On
  • open_basedir = Off
  • upload_max_filesize = 100M (recommended for video uploads)
  • safe_mode = Off
  • PHP GD Library: GIF/JPEG Read/Write support
  • PHP GD Library: FreeType support
  • PHP Curl Library: SSL support
  • Mod rewrite
  • Facebook App ID and Secret Key
  • Twitter App ID and Secret key
  • Google Map Key
  • IonCube Loader



Admin Credential

User Name: admin
Password: dropinn


Your trial pack is waiting for you!

Features Matrix


The FREE trial license expires after 30 days from the time your license is activated. Once the license is expired after the 30 days of FREE trail, you'll not be able to access your admin area. Also, we can provide support for the standard and premium versions
  • Google Analytics
  •  Color Theme Plugin
  •  99.9% Source Code
  •  30 days Technical Support
  •  Updates
  •  Free Professional Installation
  •  Message Filter
  •  Trust & Verification System
  •  iCal integration with rental sites
  •  List Your Space like Airbnb.com
  •  Help system
  •  PayPal Express Checkout
  •  IP based currency
  •  Header Search
  •  Host accept reservation Commission
  •  Database backup system in admin panel
  •  Refund system in admin panel
  •  Coupon code system for guest booking
  •  Braintree Plugin
  •  Video Grabber Plugin
  •  Discount Label Plugin
  •  ID Verification Plugin
  •  Mobile Verification Plugin
  •  Advertisement Popup Plugin


Build your own Rental Accommodation with DropInn script which comes with 100% un-encrypted source code and fully featured package at a one-time fee of $1999. Get Free professional installation upon your order.
  • dc7o5knMi 100% Source Code
  • dc7o5knMiGoogle Analytics
  • dc7o5knMi Color Theme Plugin
  • dc7o5knMi Braintree Plugin
  • dc7o5knMi Video Grabber Plugin
  • dc7o5knMi Discount Label Plugin
  • dc7o5knMi ID Verification Plugin
  • dc7o5knMi Mobile Verification Plugin
  • dc7o5knMi Advertisement Popup Plugin
  • dc7o5knMi 100% Source Code
  • dc7o5knMi Multiple Domain License
  • dc7o5knMi 30 days Technical Support
  • dc7o5knMi Free Updates for One year
  • dc7o5knMi Independent for License key
  • dc7o5knMi Free Professional Installation
  • dc7o5knMi Message Filter
  • dc7o5knMi Trust & Verification System
  • dc7o5knMi iCal integration with rental sites
  • dc7o5knMi List Your Space like Airbnb.com
  • dc7o5knMi Help system
  • dc7o5knMi PayPal Express Checkout
  • dc7o5knMi IP based currency
  • dc7o5knMi Header Search
  • dc7o5knMi Host accept reservation Commission
  • dc7o5knMi Database backup system in admin panel
  • dc7o5knMi Refund system in admin panel
  • dc7o5knMi Coupon code system for guest booking