Django Development

We build robust Web applications with Django. Let’s Bring your Idea to Reality!




Multi Cryptocurrency Development Services

We expertise in Cryptocurrency Software Development Solutions & Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Services





Artisans for Start-ups & Scale-ups

We are a crazy team of start-up nerds, geeks, delivery masters and an army of developer ninjas.

Our Expert Team

We are nerds of expert designers and developers diving deep on Cutting Edge Technologies. We work on platforms like iOS, Android, ReactJS, React Native, Vue.js, Node.js, MeteorJS, AngularJS & GraphQL. We build top-notch websites and web applications.

Our Expertise

Every Business is unique. We understand your business challenges & needs. We then pick right set of cutting edge frameworks & platforms to solve your business pain points. We focus on


We build robust web applications using Django for communication services, social networking services, collaboration services, E-commerce, Travel, information & education industries.

Cryptocurrency Development

We expertise in Cryptocurrency Software Development Solutions & Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Services


We develop clean & robust iOS App using Swift. We ensure the App delivers great user experience.


We endeavor to make your Android App stand out by Artisan expertized craftsmanship.


We build interactive UI web apps using React, a front end library developed by Facebook.


We have geeked Node.js, a platform for building fast & scalable server applications.


We are skillful in building dynamic web apps using AngularJS, a JS framework developed by Google.

React Native

We also build mobile apps using React Native, powered by React Framework. We leverage the platform to build a rich mobile UI/UX.


Do you know REST API is going to become extinct?! The next big thing is GraphQL, a revolutionary new way to think about APIs. And we have befriended it already 🙂


We deliver smaller, reactive apps on Node.js platform using Meteor. Meteor is a complete platform for building web & mobile apps in pure JavaScript.


Are you looking out for a simple, minimal & scalable app? Your search ends here! Vue.js & we are here to help you out.

Subject Matter Experts

We are Subject Matter Experts & Domain Experts in Blockchain, Bitcoin & Data Science. Leading industry authorities like IBM, CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) validated & certified our Subject Matter Experts & Domain Experts.

Below are some of our recent certifications our SME’s gained in Blockchain, DLT, Distributed Ledger Technology, Hyperledger, Ledger, Cloud, Open Source, Bitcoin, Data Science, Python, Python Programming & Pandas.

Sam K - CTO, Cogzidel Technologies

Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)

IBM Blockchain Essentials

IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer

IBM Blockchain Essentials

IBM Python for Data Science

IBM Cognitive Class AI - Bitcoin 101

IBM Cognitive Class AI - Python for Data Science

Wanna discuss your business ideas & pain points?!

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Why Bitcoin startups are the Next Big thing in Tech?

How are Successful startups formed?

They identify a perennial problem and create a business model to solve that problem. The challenging part is how do you find the perennial problem. The closest answer to this question was beautifully carved by Paul Graham (co-founder of Y Combinator) in his lectures. He said that if we consider technology as a spreading fractal stain, every moving point on the edge represents an interesting problem. Successful startups are getting created to solve these problems…


A business is always one’s dream. Hope you agree.

A dream can be given a language and shaping it to reality, takes just a few minutes, when you are doing it with Django.

Its highly trending because it has no glaring holes in its design.

The framework has the explicit morals called the “ZEN OF PYTHON”. This is very simple and descriptive for the startups to develop both the backend and frontend of the website. This intelligible structure of language is not available with any other frameworks.

Retainer Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Hiring a retainer for a project is trending now.

The crucial part of hiring a retainer is “A solid partnership allows you to take creative risks and be an expert rather than a service provider”.

Over the last year, my business changed dramatically – I shifted away from one-off projects and began focusing on longer-term contracts…

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