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Android App Development

We endeavor to make your Android App stand out by Artisan expertized craftsmanship.

Why Cogzidel

We are Entrepreneurs at soul & spirit. We don’t just develop your app, but we do whatever it takes to make your app a success. We have both mobile & backend framework expertise to propel high-quality apps.

How We Work

Our Agile Development Practices are in place to turn your idea into an app without any surprises. We run swift iterations and continuous integrations across short term sprints. This way, you can see & feel your app as it develops.

Robust Architecture

We have a mighty team of Android developers to make sure your Android app scale as fast as your business. We strive hard & smart to shop a robust app builds.

Android – (Still) The Big Mobility Giant

According to IDC Smartphone Market Share Report of Q2, 2017, Android has captured roughly 85% of the worldwide smartphone volume. This humongous market share creates enormous opportunities for companies to reach huge audiences & build strong businesses.
At Cogzidel, we have been developing Android apps for 5+ years now. We ensure we give our love & commitment to our apps from the concept stage to Go Live. Are you looking out for a development company to get your app on Android?! Look no further. We are here for you ūüôā

Cogzidel for Android App Development

Engaging User Interface

There is a myth that User Interface in an Android App can’t match the classiness of iOS App. We beg to differ. We understand User interface is the most vital aspect of an Android application. Our team of Android developers creates pixel-perfect UI, that will charm your users!

Simplified User Experience (UX)

Users communicate with their Android devices in diverse ways and contexts. The Android App should consider toward how people will interact with it. Tailoring your app for better user experience always leads to increased user engagement. We understand that & drive our Android App Developers to deploy best User Experience (UX) trends & practices.

Ensuring Device Compatability & Controlling App Availability

Android apps should aid in running on many different types of devices, from phones to tablets and televisions. For companies, these range of devices provides a huge potential audience for your app. For developers, it’s a challenge to ensure app runs flawlessly on multiple android devices, period. We understand this & have mastered the nuances to provide a flexible user interface that adapts to different screen configurations.

Optimized For Performance

Building for mobile devices requires different design & coding practices from building a web app. When comes to mobile devices, hardware capacities are always a challenge to tackle. Factors like CPU Power, Battery usage & mobile data consumption should always be taken into consideration. We at Cogzidel always take these factors into account & ensure apps get optimized for performance. We strive to ensure your Android apps get optimized to best possible level, without hurting battery performance and data consumption.

Android App Development Company

Your goals are our mission

We correlate to your vision and understand the business problems you are trying to solve. We gear up to take care of solving your business pain points. Your goals become our vision & mission. We build Android Apps that align with your business goals & pain points.

Rock Solid Tech Stack

We are geeks & hackers at heart, & wear a solution oriented cap of an Entrepreneur. Once we get connected, we understand your business pain points, goals & challenges. We then make sure to architect a solution which incorporates the latest technology stack and best industry practices. We strive hard & smart to ensure that your Android App will be future ready.

We've mastered product development cycle

We have worked with founders of start-ups & key people in SME’s & Enterprises. We sweated out with them right from idea incubation to development to support. We did witness them go through various successful rounds of funding and exits. We do understand what it takes to build a successful product.

Customers all over the world

We work with clients & companies in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and worldwide. At Cogzidel, we use modern agile project management tools like Atlassian JIRA and ensure seamless communication at all times.

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