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Chikoo is a web application for social site lovers. Purpose of this social application can import your Twitter and Instagram updates to Wordpress Blog.

Its free for use!!!

Why Chikoo?

Using this application can quickly find your social sites updates in WordPress blog. There is no web applications like Chikoo. This is the only one application can import Twitter and Instagram post into WordPress blog.

What you need to have Chikoo?

You need a WordPress account to view the post, posted from your social site account and connect the account via Chikoo.

How it works?

You only need WordPress account to use Chikoo,

1. Just open
2. Login into your WordPress account via Chikoo
3. Connect (ON) your social accounts in Chikoo site
4. Manage your post by using Draft/Publish options
5. You can disconnect your Instagram and Twitter account at any time
6. Every one hour post will update automatically into your WordPress blog

What is new in Chikoo:

1. No need of sign up in Chikoo

2. Import Text and Images from Twitter and Instagram

3. Can use Draft/Publish option for managing their post

4. Automatic post updates for every one hour

Haven’t use the site yet?

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