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Instagram Clone

instagram clone

What is YA?

It is a photo sharing app that enables users to take pictures and share them on a variety of social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and an Email.

YA allows you to upload and caption your own photos. Now application is available for iPhone.

How it works?

Take a snap, pick an image filter to change its look & feel then post in YA and share to social networks.

Ain’t that easy?

YA – 0.3 – Available in iPhone:

YA is a Rapid, Attractive and amusing way to share your photos with your friends and family.

First release of YA and its features as follows:

1. Free unlimited photos uploads with applying filters

2. Immediate post & share to social network

3. Social networks Login – Facebook & Twitter

3. Hash tags functionality

4. Find people via Facebook

5. Connect & Follow your friends all over the world

6. Be fun by giving Like and Comment for photos

7. User can also delete the posts and comments

8. Supports for iPhone version upto 6Plus

Features Coming soon….

1. More Filters for Photos

2. Video sharing

3. Video filters

4. Available for Android version

Explore your creativity and share your joy moments!!

Just contact us with the below possible channel and we will help you to setup your YA application in your iPhone!!

Why are you waiting for? Just order now…

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