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node.js Full Stack Development

We have geeked Node.js, a platform for building fast & scalable server applications.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Web Application Development right from front-end, scalable middleware in Node.js frameworks & Relational / NoSQL persistence. On top of all these, a strong, agile project management process to consistently deliver high quality.


Node.js is super fast but as an engineer, one needs to do his share of fine tuning. Our engineers strive to get the most out of the app & scale it to handle large datasets & high concurrency.


Looking to migrate to node.js Full Stack Development from an older framework? We will come up with a pragmatic approach to incrementally migrate to node.js minimizing the business risk.

Full Stack Development with Node.js

Be it Real-time streaming apps or modern web apps; we can help you with Node.js. We have pioneered in front end technologies like Angular and React. Whether you are building a new app or want to craft a beautiful UI to your existing app, we can help you.

Cogzidel for node.js Development

Why Cogzidel

We advanced early in the JS revolution, right from baby step stages of jQuery & We bring ample learnings from building many complex front-ends. We actively contribute to design too.

We are architects in building beautiful, feature rich Front-ends.

Leveraging the power of AngularJS & ReactJS with node.js – we have done it all! We do bring our design sensibilities to play on top of our magical touch on front end architecture.

How We Hustle

We have built our agile project management process model on our core belief of “show early show often.” From idea to wireframe to design to implementation, our agile project management process covers it all.

Full Stack Development Company with Node.js

Your goals are our mission

We correlate to your vision and understand the business problems you are trying to solve. We gear up to take care of solving your business pain points. Your goals become our vision & mission. We build node.js Apps that align with your business goals & pain points.

Rock Solid Tech Stack

We are geeks & hackers at heart, & wear a solution oriented cap of an Entrepreneur. Once we get connected, we understand your business pain points, goals & challenges. We then make sure to architect a solution which incorporates the latest technology stack and best industry practices. We strive hard & smart to ensure that your node.js App will be future ready.

We've mastered product development cycle

We have worked with founders of start-ups & key people in SME’s & Enterprises. We sweated out with them right from idea incubation to development to support. We did witness them go through various successful rounds of funding and exits. We do understand what it takes to build a successful product.

Customers all over the world

We work with clients & companies in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and worldwide. At Cogzidel, we use modern agile project management tools like Atlassian JIRA and ensure seamless communication at all times.

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