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FACILE Checkout – Magento One Step Checkout


Magento One step Checkout – Shop @ at a single stop

  • Are your customer’s abandoning the shopping cart often?
  • Does your site require customers to traverse thru series of pages to complete their on line shopping?
  • Is your website offering an appropriate way to close an e-commerce sale?

Shopping cart abandonment greatly impacts the on line sales. The lengthy procedure involved in a check out process leads to a drop in conversion rates. Which means, the efforts you have taken to draw a customer towards sales gets ruined due to the barriers that lie between product selection and product purchase.

What is the way to improve sales and conversion rates?

Well, to help prevent shopping cart abandonment, Cogzidel unfolds One Step Checkout with the idea to help you improve your online sales. It is a well-planned check out process that not only boosts your conversion but gives your shoppers ample opportunity to purchase more.

Increase your online sales with One Step Check out extension.

What is One Step Checkout?

One Step Checkout from Cogzidel is a complete linear process that greatly simplifies the check out procedure. It is packaged considering all the critical aspects that goes into a check out process.One step Checkout helps you to increase completed transactions and improve customer satisfaction.

How it works?

Instead of having multiple pages to get the shoppers details, our One Step check out will collect all the required information in one single page. Upon integrating this extension into your site, your customers will be able to check out much faster, leading to more added business.

Benefits of One step Checkout

  • One page check out: as opposed to multi-page check out, one page checkout enables easy processing of transaction. Unnecessary sign-in barrier is removed and all the steps are combined in a single page. Your shopper can simply fill in their address and choose delivery/payment methods in the same page, rather than having to do as separate steps in different pages.
  • Increased sales – simplified check out process will automatically improve your sales as there are no hassles involved and there is less chance for your shopper to get distracted.

Features of One step Checkout

The features listed below will help you understand why it is important to incorporate the One Step Checkout extension in your website.

  • Simple check out interface with check out steps in a single page
  • Option to select same or different shipping address
  • Different payment options
  • Avail discounts if available, by using discount coupons
  • Interactive check out experience
  • Responsive Magento One Step Checkout design

Choose the best way to stop shopping cart abandonment. Get our OneStep Checkout now. It is the single most effective technical change you can do to increase your sales!

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Increased Sales

Cogzidels Facile One Step Checkout for Magento will lead to increase in the sales conversions.

Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

By increasing the easy of checkout, your customer can complete the checkout effortlessly which will increase your online profits.

Simplified check-out process

Remove the unnecessary questions that extends cart checkout process & made it simple & easy.

Seamless Discount

Offer seamless discount to your loyal customers!!

Supported Payment Gateways

PayPal, 2Checkout, & all payment gateways supported by Magento.


Fully optimized for all browsers & mobile devices using progressive enhancement with graceful fallback. It’s pixel perfect!. Please check with the mobile compatibility.

The tabs are cross-browser, but don’t need a ton of hacky CSS or markup.

  • Simple check out interface with check out steps in a single page
  • Option to select same or different shipping address
  • Different payment options
  • Avail discounts if available, by using discount coupons
  • Interactive check out experience
  • Responsive Magento One Step Checkout design
  • Change the Checkout Title
  • Change the Checkout Description
  • Improved validations
  • GeoIP to automatically detect and fill out the customer’s country and city
  • Enable Giftwrap, Set Price with Description
  • Review your order with Product Image,Title & Quantity in Checkout page
  • Create an account while purchase an order(checkout page)
  • Enable Terms & Conditions

Following are the Hosting Requirements

  • Operating System – Linux
  • Web Server – Apache
  • Database – MySQL 5 and above
  • PHP – Version 5 and above
  • Ability to setup cron tasks
  • Magento version 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and
  • For More System Requirements

Features Matrix


Get this extension now and reduce the chances of missing the potential customers during checkout progress. OSC is compatible with Magento version of 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7

  • Total One – Time price – $0
  • 100 % Source Code
  • Support & Updates – 1 Year
  • Support & Updates renewal – $149/3 months
  • Checkout on a Single page
  • Modify the fields such as Fax, Phone #, Company, City and etc
  • Set a default shipping and payment method
  • Ajaxified shipping rates when user chooses country, zip code or region
  • Compatible with Magento Enterprise
  • Auto-detect users country and city with GeoIP technology
  • Use on multiple domains
  • Ability to enable or disable “Gift Wrapper” for users
  • Apply coupon code
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Enable/ Disable guest user to checkout the product
  • Update or delete the quantity in checkout page