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Our Management Team

To know about the foundation & supporting pillars of Cogzidel, please have a walk through our bio – lane:

Anand Nataraj, CEO – Our Master & Commander 

Anand, Our CEO

To just talk about him, its an honor & a privilege. He is a born entrepreneur having 14+ years of experience under his hood. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Great Lakes Institute of Management. He is a natural leader & knows all the curves & pitfalls in the business & makes sure that we do not fall into those.  He is an athlete & brings that part of him in his career too making it fast and adrenaline pumping.

His favorite pass times are blogging, exploring new places, posts in Facebook and spreading business gyan in his leisure time. We all love him for what he is and what he does. If you want to reach him, he will be available at & if you are a person interested in blogging, you can have a peek at his blogs at

Sam K, CTO – Our Chief 


He is the King’s Hand in Cogzidel & is the second in command of our battalion. A talented guiding beacon & an ever shining light house for us when we are stuck in the mist of doubtfulness. He too holds a Bachelors in Business Administration & has 14+ years of experience in his IT career. Having worked in Ghana, he is also an expert in QA & QC jobs.

A very sincere & stimulating leader, he strives nothing but perfection from those who work with him. He is a good strategist too. Also he makes sure that we all stay updated in the latest trends of IT & related areas. A great movie buff, he always enjoys a good movie with his team. He has now hooked himself up with photography & likes to experiment with his new Nikon. Get in touch with him at or get to know his passions @


Balamurugan, CFO – Master of Coin & Administration


An ardent fan of Hollywood Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is fondly called as ‘Arnold’ Bala by his colleagues & friends. He too has 14+ years of experience under his cape & manages the Financial, Accounts & HR section of Cogzidel. He is also the CEO of Cogzidel Consultancy Services. He holds degree in 3 areas of expertise – CA, ACS & MBA. He can be reached at & he blogs at