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Pinderful Mobile – mPinderful


mPinderful – Pin from you palms

Let’s consider some scenarios

  • You are in the move and you have an awesome picture to post. Sadly you do not have Wi-Fi and that hinders you from sharing the picture to the world at that moment.
  • Going to an art gallery and see a painting that is very pleasing. Your friend would have loved it. But sadly they are not with you at that moment.

A little help from you would help them share their joy. The mobile version of a pinning platform would have helped them in both the scenarios.

Now developing one from the scratch will cost you a fortune and a whole lot of your time and energy. Now that, we do not want to happen.

So where can you find one such app that will meet all the client needs while earning you money? There are 2 ways to do it:

Now you are wondering on how to build a rental system in a mobile platform.

You have 2 ways of doing it

  • Spend your precious hours on research
  • Build a prototype
  • Find a developer and build a system with all your time and energy
  • Now that would take 6 months to a year the year to do it.


  • You have a simple choice to choose a product readily available in the market

We have it ready for you.!!!

We give you mPinderful, the mobile version of its elder brother, Pinderful.

How it works?

The Admin – They manage the whole site and will be responsible for setting all kind of permissions to the manner of pictures that will be posted. The admin will earn from the commission amount that the user will earn if any of the product is purchased

The Pin Poster – They are those who post the ideas or products as pins in the board. The pins and the boards will be related.

Where are we?

mPinderful Pepier –  Version 1.3

Pinning oneself or one’s interest is a way of socializing these days. And with having introduced mobile in media , pinning on the go is a very added advantage to the users.

The newly born mPinderful has the following add-on which makes it unique –

  1. Follow –  Allows the user to follow a given user id and they are able to send out messages
  2. Unfollow – Allows the user to unfollow a given user and they are revoked of any rights
  3. Pin details – If you provide a Pin Id and a User Id, the search will bring you the Pin details

Having said such, please indulge yourself in the most advanced mobile pinning site!!

For more information and Offer details, please shoot us an email to or Skype us at cogzidel.

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Users are allowed to follow a certain Id


Users will be revoked of their following status

3.Pin Details

If you provide a Pin Id and a User Id, the search will bring you the Pin details

  • Follow
  • Un- Follow
  • Pin Details

Here are the Hosting Requirements

  • Eclipse
  • Java version 6 or above
  • Android SDK
  • Account in Google Play Store
  • Xcode version – 4.5.2 and above
  • Account in iTunes
  • Facebook App ID & Secret ID
  • Phonegap 2.7.0