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RBS - FREE Freelancing platform inspired by Upwork

Why RBS?


Business today has now been outsourcing their work for many reasons which includes, cutting full-time staff. On the other hand, people are turning more towards freelancing for gaining more flexibility and freedom. Cogzidel has evolved a platform to connect talented freelancers with contractors. RBS is a fully customizable clone script available to you, which can be tailored to your business requirements.

RBS is designed on “Reverse Bidding” system. Employers (Buyers) post their jobs online and interested freelancers (Providers) bid for the job. The Buyer may then choose to work with a Provider, preferably who bids less. When the Provider gives his confirmation on the acceptance of the project, the project is initiated from there on.

The process of hiring, managing, and paying freelancers is well streamlined to enable hassle free process.

Core Features



It’s quite boring to fill-in a form to access any website. Here, you no need to worry on that part 🙂 By using your FB/Gmail/Twitter, you can just use it 🙂



If there is no clarity, everything end up in mess. So, More the clarity we focus, Good the business pouring in. With this functionality, you can mention your requirements so to achieve greater results.


Want to exchange messages? Just Go with this 🙂

Extra Features



As we focus on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure to operate online payment systems for our users, we adopt STRIPE payment gateway. Simply WOW !


Reputation is an important factor for the user as it provides a belief in a system. We know the value of the review system and hence it is embedded into our App.


Don’t we need to maintain a clean and enjoyable working environment? 🙂 Here comes our application with the ADMIN panel (Get it with our source code ! where you can manage the things and keep track on the business.

Key Features




Don’t expect anyone to teach you the process 🙂 On a tap, you will get it !



It is a web architecture that has many underlying characteristics and governs the behavior of clients & servers.



If you want to scale your project then Angular is the best choice. It can be used for the business ranging from hobby to commercial products.



This script at its best on all web-enabled devices including smartphones, iPads and tablets.



MongoDB can be a cost effective and promising solution as it improves flexibility and reduces cost on hardware and storage.



It is used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

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Customers about RBS


They are very professional company, working on time. They created one app for me named Taha like Uber and they do really a great job, i love it.

Mr. Alex Sari

Awesome support awesome service the support team are very professional and update me on the status daily… Thank you


Cogzidel Just had the pleasure of working on a project with these guys! They’re consummate professionals; Highly Recommended!


Questions & Answers


Is the source code is 100% accessible?

YES! It is 🙂 Once your solution is developed, we hand over the source code. This includes appropriate mobile & web framework on which the solution is developed. Contact us for more information.

Can we customise it as per our requirements?

Of Course, YOU CAN. Our application can be customised to any extent to serve the business model. We also have a Subject Matter Experts who can be hired to implement your requirements. Contact us for more information.

How is your technical Support?

Please not to worry :)There is a team of technical experts who are well-groomed to offer you an excellent customer service. Just leave a message to with your query/concern & you will receive a response within 24 business hours.

Do you help us with customisation?

Yes. We have an excellent team of Subject Matter Experts, right from Business Analyst to Developer to Tester who are hired to implement your requirements.

How can I get the demo?

Our team is ready to schedule a demo session with you. All you need to do is Just CONTACT US. So, are you ready to take a tour?

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