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SEDIO – Vine Clone


Looking to revolutionize the mobile crowd with a short footage? With a pinch of Social networking? Want to spread your ideas like a wildfire and get you instant fame-dom?

Use it as a medium to advertise any of your ventures and any verticals in a short, crisp and in a ‘nail to the head’ manner. The verticals can include

  1. Film industry
  2. Media
  3. Social networking
  4. Sports
  5. Contests, etc.

Looking to develop this app on your own? Now that will take a LOT of time which will include the following

  1. Design the plan as how the site should be
  2. Look out and hire the needed people to do it
  3. Design the prototype for the final product
  4. Make any changes to it if you do not like the prototype
  5. Then make the changes to it
  6. Finally come to the desired product

OR you can easily purchase a script that we have ready and all you have to do is just purchase it and bingo! You are ready to go!!

We give you Sedio – What is it?

Sedio is an app that allows you to take a single 6 second video. Share the videos in all social networking sites and make the world know.

How it works:

Just point and shoot!! Ain’t that easy?

Where are we now? 

Sedio ‘Attato’  2.0 – iPhone:

Sedio is the best app to shot your favorite moments for 6 seconds and share it across Facebook & Twitter as a looping video. Now Sedio is available for both the Android as well as for iPhone. This version of Sedio covers new features like,

Implemented Find Friends in FB and Twitter
Improved Other Language Option in Sign Up Page.
Improved Add location
Improved Share Option for FB and Twitter
Implemented Front Camera Option
Implemented Tag and People Search
Improved Icon Designs
Improved Video Scroll BarOption 
Implemented Version Option in Profile Page
Implemented Reset Password Option

Sedio 1.1 – Available in Android:

Sedio is the best app to shot your favorite moments for 6 seconds and share it across Facebook & Twitter as a looping video.

 These are the current features for Sedio

Free unlimited video uploads
Immediate post & share to social networks
Hashtags functionality
Find people via Twitter and Facebook
And much more…
Explore your creativity and share your joy!!

Just contact us with the below possible channel and we will help you to setup your own 6 seconds video application!!

For more information and Offer details, please shoot us an email to or Skype us at cogzidel

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Ring us at US# +1 818-302-8158/ IN# +91 452- 428 2000


 Implemented Find Friends in FB and Twitter: This feature will allow your customers to find their FB and Twitter friends to follow them.

 Improved Other Language Option in Sign Up Page: With this improved feature, givemore languages to your customers in their Sign Up page.

 Improved Add location: When sharing a video, your customers can also mention the place where they are more accurately.

Improved Share Option for FB and Twitter: Allow your customers to share their looping videos on Facebook and Twitter frequently.

Discover the recently updated features

  • Improved Twitter share option on feed and explore screen
  • Improved Facebook share option on feed and explore screen
  • Advanced On/Off control on upload video option
  • Improved Menu Button with Logout & Clear Cache options
  • Improved Video Compression before upload
  • Improved Like & Resedio options
  • Improved Facebook login
  • Improved Video capture option on Explore screen
  • Improved tabs with new attractive icons and some bug fixing too
  • Improved Pause & Resume option by finger tap
  • Improved Profile page setting
  • Improved Add channel category to the video
  • Improved Twitter Connect
  • Improved Delete Post option
  • Improved New design on the Channels screen
  • Improved Search option
  • Attractive UI in Explore and Activity screen
  • Improved Login system
  • Bug Fixing
Here are the Hosting Requirements

  • Eclipse
  • Java version 6 or above
  • Android SDK
  • Account in Google Play Store
  • Facebook App ID & Secret ID