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WordPress Development

WordPress Development

What is WordPress Development?

WordPress Development categorizes articles describing and detailing elements critical to extending, modifying, and documenting the core details of the WordPress engine.

It is an open source or free tool to blog and creating websites with cool designs and it also acts as a CMS – Content Management System. It is based on PHP and MySQL The key features are its plugin and template system to integrate anything in the website and it makes even amateurs to do a clean job out of it.

It is the most popular blogging tool and has over 60 million websites designed with WordPress as the core.

Why WordPress?

The main reasons to have WordPress as your blogging or your web development tool is because of the following reasons:

  1. Own domain name – users can have their own domain name instead of a sub domain name

  2. Plugins – Customize performance with the help of a number of plugins which are the supporting blocks of WordPress

  3. Developers – WordPress has the largest developer base and it provides much option to develop themes, plugins and software

  4. Free of cost – Since its open source, its free of cost

  5. SEO friendly – SEO people love WordPress as it comes with a self ping option

Why Cogzidel?

Cogzidel lives and breaths WordPress everyday. We have the most competent team who are all experts in WordPress and will amaze you in what they can do. Hey, even our own website and blog are WordPress based. Be with the best to get the best !!!

Sites created by us using WordPress:

Here are samples of our work with WordPress: